patrick baumüller / severin hofmann


7 artists' projects in etsdorf-haitzendorf, 2000

The Etsdorf Kultur und Wirtschaft Kunstverein (Culture and Commerce Arts Society) launched a series of projects drawing from the specific situation of the nine Etsdorf-Haitzendorf communities in collaboration with the Lower Austrian culture department, Kunst im öffentlichen Raum. The concept envisaged providing the invited artists with region-wide possibilities to react to the different communities within the area as a historic, social or other constellation. The participating artists engaged with the many layers of the local structures in different ways, whereby the challenge in the situation for them lay in finding their work in another context, i.e. to see it exposed, as in a clearly defined art space (Daschner, Jermolaewa, Gangl). Some of the artworks, though, could only be the result of the specific situation (Theuretzbacher, Deutschbauer, Baumüller/Hofmann). The artists found approaches and forms to realise their projects that showed almost the full spectrum of what is today seen as a progressive strategy for art in public space.

Sommerloch 2000 (Summer Gap 2000)
Patrick Baumüller and Severin Hofmann created exemplary model situations with which they approached everyday life. Their starting point was a realism as spectacular as it is banal. The first sensational view – as here in a faked car crash in a shooting range stemming from the Nazi era – produces various links which can be deconstructed for further analysis as elements and models of the 'momentary image'.

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