manfred weitgasser, community hall lawn with pentagon light

manfred weitgasser

community hall lawn with pentagon light

The installation is the lawn, free of daisies, sloping up to the terrace of the extension, to the walls of an old two-storey inn, which already represents the border to a new plot of land. Over the flat roof situated 12m above and projecting over about half of the terrace, the artist spanned the light object with thin steel cables on the ground of the terrace. The lawn is set at an angle, in the form of an extended triangle 3.65m x 6.89m x 7.66m, underneath it are 2600 litres of earth. Above it is the light object, and at a certain height it appears to hover. Not an imposed piece of sculpture, but competition in the mutual play between the building and the light object and a lawn that has appeared for no apparent reason. A calm space, a collection of light covering a piece of lawn.