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hans kupelwieser, monument for the jewish cemetery in krems
hans kupelwieser, monument for the jewish cemetery in krems

hans kupelwieser


monument for the jewish cemetery in krems

An initiative which for many years sought to have a monument created for the Jews from Krems who were driven away from the home town. The winner of the competition that was finally held created a 48 meter long strip of steel onto which the names and dates of 129 Jews from Krems were inscribed. This monument was placed in the entrance area of the cemetary.
Abraham Nemschitz, one of the few survivors, came to Krems for the dedication ceremony as a representative of the Jews who had been expatriated. In the speech he gave to the unveiling he said: 'I must admit that it was only with very uneasy feelings that my wife and I accepted the invitation to the unveiling of the monument commemorating the Krems Jews who were expelled and killed by the Nazi regime. We saw it more as an obligation vis-á-vis the victims to participate to commemorate their souls and to honor their memory. I was overwhelmed when, on entering the cemetery and seeing the monument, my gaze first fell on the name of my grandmother who was deported to Theresienstadt where she died. My eyes were filled with tears and stories from the past rose from my subconscious as my eyes slowly wandered from name to name along the never-ending strip of steel.'
(Katharina Blaas-Pratscher)

Please collect the key to the jewisch cementary here:Autohaus Hänfling
Wiener Straße 106
3500 Krems
0043 (0) 2732/79660<...

Avanti Tankstelle
Bertschingerstraße 6-8


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