K.U.SCH., objects for play in front of the nursery school in rohrendorf



objects for play in front of the nursery school in rohrendorf

Our task was quite difficult insofar as the forecourt in front of the entrance, i.e., the area intended for artistic decoration, as well as the street area and the parking-lot of the adjacent bank, had merged into one single zone which was laden with too many details and generally gave a rather confused and unstructured impression. In this situation, of course, it was difficult to add yet another element, and even more difficult for this element to hold its own and to stick out. In our opinion, therefore, the problem could only be solved through disentangling the intricate structures which had evolved here over the years. Only this approach could allow an artistic intervention to make any sense. We eventually arrived at a solution where a clear delimitation and enclosure lends the forecourt in front of the entrance the appearance of a restricted traffic zone with a certain intimacy (integrated benches), which ensures ordered circumstances, as it were, while offering sufficient free space at the same time. This enclosure also comprises a number of low platforms where the actual artistic decoration takes place. The sitting and lying sculptures deal with the "BEAR" motif in a five-step process of abstraction, from the cartoon figure to the small building blocks. The whole work was to have a slightly ironic educational aspect, but it did also remind us of "Trojan Bears."

Architect: Erich Millbacher