josef trattner, sculpture at krems grammar school<br />

josef trattner


sculpture at krems grammar school

The 'Skulpturengruppe S' (Sculptural Group S), which has now finally been installed at the Bundesrealgymnasium, was actually designed by the artist for the pedestrian zone in the city. Shortly before it was to be erected a discussion flared up, protests were made by local residents and eventually a new location had to be found for the work of art. Trattner's piece grew formally out of the field and is the cast of a mould. His sculptures are characterised by stamp and imprint, print and impression, positive and negative. "The decisive thing about Trattner's casting is that the mould itself, as it occurs, is what is presented and not simply an aid to positioning without any presentation value, because only it can present something quite different. Otherwise the abstract nature of the coincidence of rubbish would apply to all cast sculpture".
(Burghart Schmidt in: 'Drei "scultori viennesi"', 1992/93)

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