rudolf macher, lighting installation in the tower of the minoritenkirche

rudolf macher


lighting installation in the tower of the minoritenkirche

The spectrum of illumination, both of a physical and a metaphysical nature, preoccupies human beings. Whether it is a laser, a burning meteor, satori or the frenzy of particles – the attraction of light furthermore deceives us that we are about to eliminate the night. A binary consciousness, which knows only yes and/or no and switches worlds of experience on and off like the light, is as badly equipped as one could imagine for penetrating the intermediate spaces of its antinomies. Yet in its collapse there emerges a sense of the drift towards the infinite – or alternatively, as an old tatraphysicist described it so aptly: "Here one cannot jump over one’s own knee, and it makes no sense to want to kiss one’s elbows". It is not a matter of making the invisible visible, but of letting it be seen just how invisible the invisibility of the visible is.
(Rudolf Macher)

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