helmut rainer, light sculpture in front of the haus der wirtschaft in mistelbach

helmut rainer


light sculpture in front of the haus der wirtschaft in mistelbach

Four blue fluorescent lighting tubes (directed outwards and installed vertically at a height of 280cm to 400cm) mark the sculpture as a sign of the entrance and exit to the building, attracting the attention of passers-by through its presence, which is heightened as a result of the fluorescent lighting energy on this vertical sculptural sign, and appealing to their sensitivity in relation to the 'interior' of the sculpture. Four yellow fluorescent lighting tubes directed inwards radiate warm artificial light. The use of these four brightly shining fluorescent lighting tubes creates the effect of painting with light, introducing an immaterial colourfulness to the sculptural and strictly vertical conception. This light produces the quality of a non-material appearance and in doing so dissolves the borders of the actual interior design of the sculpture. At the same time, the radiated artificial light, mixed with the natural (day)light, produces an independent immaterial form, tectonically accentuating its external appearance for the viewer.

Architect: Josef Wagner

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