robert marschall, metal sculpture at the kulturhaus winkelau in loosdorf

robert marschall


metal sculpture at the kulturhaus winkelau in loosdorf

If in a state, or some other communal arrangement, the portents indicate it, then it is time to say 'fifty-fifty'. Like conspirators sharing out their spoils, human beings divide up the world and the how and why, what it is all about, then just becomes a narrow crack that separates the parts. Some things speak in favour, others against. And in this way there very easily develops an attitude which it is difficult to differentiate. The pairs of opposites multiply, good and evil are then not simply one positive and the other negative, but rather a new deed arises through simple differentiation. The secret of duality is the secret of polarity. It is at the same time the secret of the pair. A pair is made up of two things, not any two things, but rather two things which on the one hand are opposites and on the other belong together because they have the same deep foundations which complement each other in a literal sense, i.e. reciprocally need each other, promote each other and 'complete' each other to form a whole.
(H. Hessenbruch)