ljubomir levacic, sculptural group in ebenfurth
ljubomir levacic, sculptural group in ebenfurth

ljubomir levacic


sculptural group in ebenfurth

The sculptural group E4 + W4 consists of a total of 8 pillar-like objects, of which 4 (E4) have been installed near the school in Ebenfurth, and a further 4 (W4) opposite the Military Academy in Wiener Neustadt. In Ebenfurth the pillars are arranged equally spaced from one another in an L-shape. In Wiener Neustadt the group stands symmetrically on a base, an aluminium cross. The size, dimensions and form of the pillars have been designed for the two different locations. Each object is 240cm high and has floor plan of a square 60cm. More than life-size in height, it still does not create a monumental effect. The artist suggests a division into individual segments, layers these one on top of the other and formally cuts through the artificial stone with metal bands. The pillars bear visible signs of destruction, although these have been artificially imitated and do not correspond to any real decay of the material: artificial erosion as a sign of transience, symbol of the ruins of a city. Ljubomir Levacic has dealt with the subject of 'pillars' in a wide range of variations. Pillars as bodies, as human structure. The pillar in its relationship to nature, to human beings. Formally, he is interested in classical beauty and proportions, the pillar as a simple edifice, its aesthetics and history. Pillars that have survived as a fragment, including the remains of great and archaic edifices. Witnesses of their time and undisplaceable signs in a square.

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