© Karl-Heinz Klopf
© Karl-Heinz Klopf

karl-heinz klopf


square near castelligasse housing estate

The elongated free space between the two newly erected housing blocks in Hollabrunn has been structured using a mound of earth covered with grass, as well as lighting tubes arranged in a sinusoidal shape. In this way it became possible to create a highly exciting access situation which contains several functional and formal elements. Hill, play area, walking areas and lighting tubes that can at the same time serve as seating, all produce a dense structure in which the functions merge with one another. The grass-covered hill, the red lighting tubes and volumes of the bright building form an ensemble as far as space and colour are concerned and in this way constitute a holistic design. Not far away from Hollabrunn, in Grossmugl, there is a 16m high earth mound (tumulus) from the Hallstatt era.

Architect: Ernst Maurer