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steinbrener/dempf & huber


The installation Cliffhanger, located in the center of the Ötscher-Tormäuer nature park, is the first project the artists’ collective Steinbrener, Dempf & Huber have realized in a remote, uninhabited landscape, far away from city life. For Cliffhanger, they mounted a bright red, 19th-century shop front with the sign “Tourist Information” onto the rock face to the right of the Mirafall waterfall. There it hangs at a staggering height that could only be reached by professional mountain climbers. As with many works by the collective, this project plays with our perspective. To people hiking on narrow and twisting trails along the steep mountain walls, this installation appears out of nowhere, almost like a hallucination. In this way, it ironically and humorously counteracts our otherwise romantic perception of nature, while exposing the seemingly untouched wild as a cultivated landscape marketed as a touristic attraction.



* temporary project