© Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch
© Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch

six nicole & petritsch paul


artistic concept for the design of marienplatz in Grossmugl

The competition to design Marienplatz provided an opportunity to integrate the Tumulus, a grave mound from the Iron Age Hallstatt culture, in the project. Being sixteen metres, it is the largest in Central Europe. For the market community of Grossmugl, which combines ten municipalities, it provides a key large-scale focal point within the landscape with which locals can identify.
A footpath was proposed as an intervention for a period of five years, starting at Marienplatz and leading, as the crow flies, directly to the Tumulus. The long footpath, a person wide, was intended to provide appropriate access to the grave mound. Marienplatz was to adopt the function of a departure point, and be designed with an emphasis on the basic element of any public square, i.e. a surface, providing a site for a wide range of public uses.
Neither the footpath to the Tumulus nor the concept for the public square — at a new level and with trees — were approved. The project was not realised.
(Nicole Six & Paul Petritsch)

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