country outings to art in public space in lower austria 2012
In 2012, too, the art and culture mediators Bärbl and Johanna Zechner will be accompanying you on country outings to art in public space in Lower Austria. As has already been the case in recent years, the excursions offer an overview of existing, newly opened and also temporary projects in various regions of Lower Austria.

In addition to five country outings in April, May, June, September and October, two further trips are on offer that diverge from the regular programme and encourage an in-depth examination of art in public space.
In the “Extra” country outing, to Erlauf, the exemplary approach to the culture of remembrance will be shown in the temporary exhibition Erinnerung.Ereignis.Kunst [Memory, Event, Art].
The unusual "Lichtpartie" country outing in November follows the trail of the sensitive lighting design of the artist Siegrun Appelt through the Wachau Valley at night.

How much do art works change the rural area, how do residents and participating inhabitants react to the artistic working process? How much can art in rural public space contribute to the identity of the people who live there? To what extent is the artists’ historic, social or ideological analysis of the conditions on site reflected and readable in the reception of their works for public space.
These are just a few questions that will be discussed in the framework of this special educational programme on the road.

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