"Ruf gegen die Grenze", Festival der Regionen, Mauthausen, 2019

08.04.19 bis 08.04.19, 19.00 uhr

st. nikola


Invitation to the workshop: "Ruf gegen die Grenze"
transparadiso (Barbara Holub/Paul Rajakovics)
Festivals of the Regions 2019 in cooperation with Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich

Monday, April 8 2019, 7 to 9 p.m.
community hall, 4381 St. Nikola on the Danube

In the workshop "Ruf gegen die Grenze", residents, musicians, writers, singers, everyday performers, people interested in borders want to collect texts and contributions for dialogues that transform into a poetic/fictional/experimental text/music piece/performance.

"Ruf gegen die Grenze" will be performed as a dialogue at the Festival of Regions (June 28 to July 7, 2019) across the Danube between Upper Austria (in St. Nikola, Grein and Mauthausen) and Lower Austria with two large-format megaphones*.

We regard the flowing border in the middle of the Danube between Upper Austria and Lower Austria as a way of "overcoming" borders. In doing so, borders should not be left out of the way. Rather, we want to thematise boundaries in their diverse manifestations, in thinking and acting. Where are our personal, symbolic, social boundaries, exclusions, demarcations, limitations? Which boundaries do we want to overcome? Whiche boundaries do we need?

We look forward to your story about your personal borderline experiences. By participating, you can raise your voice and say what you always wanted to say. If you have any questions, please contact Barbara Holub: holub@transparadiso.com
Further information: www.fdr.at and www.transparadiso.com

* The megaphones were designed by transparadiso for "Times of Dilemma" for "The Island is What the Sea Surrounds" (curated by Maren Richter, Capital of Culture Valletta 2018)