© Leo Schatzl, Plattform, Ybbsitz, 2018, Foto: C. Heinze

10.11.18 bis 10.11.18, 10.00 uhr

amstetten, ybbsitz

landpartie V

Saturday, 2018 November 10
The last Landpartie zur Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Niederösterreich leads to the southwest. First stop in Mostviertel is the district capital Amstetten. The design in the building of the District Commission of Simon Wachsmuth and "De-Demolition (Naked Building)" by Arturo Hernández Alcázar on the grounds of the Landesberufsschule Amstetten, give an insight into very different artistic approaches in the architectural context.

The best example of a community with a continuous cultural engagement in Lower Austria is Ybbsitz, the second stop on the journey. Accompanied by former mayor Josef Hofmarcher, who has co-determined the cultural events on site for many years, there is the opportunity for a tour of the artistic interventions of Sepp Auer and Leo Schatzl.

The subsequent visit to the Museum Ferrum-World of Iron, gives an insight into the economic and cultural history, which is determined over the centuries until today by the iron processing in this region. Rudolf Hofmarcher will conclude with the current exhibition "Die Schmiede von Ybbsitz" with many artistic and craft examples of contemporary metal design.

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Return to Vienna approx. 8 p.m.
Concept/Organisation: Bärbl Zechner