25.09.21 bis 25.09.21, 16.00 uhr

kunstraum weikendorf

Liddy Scheffknecht

Cordial invitation to the
Exhibition opening

Liddy Scheffknecht
nine to five

Saturday, September 25, 2021, 4 p.m.
Kunstraum Weikendorf, Rathausplatz, 2253 Weikendorf

Johann Zimmermann
Mayor of the Market Town Weikendorf

Brigitte Kasper-Ager
Member of the "Weikendorf Jury

Veronika Rudorfer
Curator, Kunstforum Vienna

Angela Baumgartner
Member of the Lower Austrian Parliament representing State Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner

Liddy Scheffknecht transforms the Kunstraum Weikendorf into a time-space with her exhibition nine to five. The walls are lined with a reproduction of a drawing made with the help of sunlight and the rotation of the earth:
Scheffknecht took the duration of a conventional workday and marked the passage of each hour by tracing the light falling through number stencils on paper at regular intervals. The numbers appear distorted, woven togehter, yet uniform and following a logic.
Through the repetitive action in the production process, the artist structurally incorporates the stereotypical daily work routine with its monotonous or recurring sequences. Objects hanging in the room, which were created in a similar way, reproduce the word "now" in its temporal change of form and make visible the paradox of the ever-present as well as permanently passing present.

Liddy Scheffknecht was selected for the current exhibition in the context of "Multiple Choice" by the Weikendorf jury team with Ingrid Axmann, Robert Buchta, Kurt Felice, Robert Hanel, Susanna Hirschböck, Brigitte Kasper-Ager, Ulrike Kastan, Johannes Naimer, Katharina Neuner, Angelika Pozarek, Beate Thaller, Ernst Wagendristel and Anneliese Windisch, who supported her in the realization.

from 15 participants on from Vienna
to Weikendorf, from Vienna between University and Rathauspark. Departure:
14.30, return: 18.00. For obligatory registration for the event, if necessary with reservation for the shuttle bus
until Thursday, September 23, under +43 (0) 2742 9005 13504 or

All current Covid-19 protection measures at that time - 3-G rule, mask, distance - for transfer and event will be applied.

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