walter vopava, installation in the government district
walter vopava, installation in the government district

walter vopava


installation in the government district

As opposed to, yet also in connection to, the other pictorial works at the Landhaus building, Walter Vopava appears to be an archaelogist. His dark layers always touch on something hidden or something lying beneath this, which is supposed to be studied and presented. His painting adheres to the picture and makes no reference to the outside to the extent that it despenses with subject-matter and often operates with black to create the greatest density. Given its wealth of material and details the painting set in front wall of the atrium hall with frame makes for a striking contrast with the functional office furnishing. Facing the entrance door on the opposite side the painting creates its own space which it cuts off from its surroundings. Both the size and the dark color help it to resist anything decorative and to thus meet the artist's standards. The artist has often reiterated that he is not pursuing any goal with his painting: "The question that arise are secondary, the answer is by no means bound to the question. The question is a point that has been arbitrarily set, the result draws its sole legitimation from itself. There is no subject, no purpose, art does not serve to solve a problem. The only question is how to give a convincing answer. Social relevance or to be put to use for any intention is in keeping with decoration not the task of art. It byself is its own explanation." (Walter Vopava)
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