gunter damisch, installation in the government district

gunter damisch


installation in the government district

The painting for the Rittersaal belongs to a group of works that have the words "head, prophet, field, path and world" in the title. What he refers to as field here is as Wolfgang Drechsler puts it "usually identical with the surface of the painting, which in turn determines the basic chromatic accord of the painting" (cat. Gunter Damisch, Vienna 1995) - in this case, Lower Austrian blueyellow. The worlds, in turn, are richly structured formations containing the "Steher" (Standers) who populate these worlds. Paths could be taken from the worlds or could be regrouped in a new way.
On his sketches of the world, the artist says: "This world theme stems from my perception of the painting as something creating identity and meaning. You get to know yourself and to express yourself and embark on a process to which one is not just passively subject to but can also make a lot happen through creative intervention..." (Gunter Damisch). The quasi mystical sketch of small isles of the blessed, small worlds in which something quasi narrative is taking place results in an anthropomorphic understanding of painting, an existence of small peoples and languages emerging from painting: "I believe that something basic takes place in painting, because a lot of self-assertion is possible."
(Gunter Damisch)
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