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installation on the lunzer see

Regards to Your Neighbours... and return the greeting.
Flowing Changes of Perspective
What could first be perceived from afar were the household utensils quasi-collaged into the lake and mountain scenery, as if the inner life, the deeply private sphere of a home enclosed by walls had freed itself to occupy lakeside public space, perhaps to conquer it but certainly to engage with it.
The group have temporarily declared the Lunzer See lake their own territory, so making the residents of Lunz their neighbours, and invited them to come and visit their (raft) house.
On this vast open but unstable surface a floating landscape outlining a floor plan typical of the homes in and around the region of Lunz. In concrete terms the installation created a literally moving permeability between architectural indoor and outdoor space, and in metaphorical terms between the private and the public realms, but also between the unfamiliar and the familiar. It shows that a private space is not initially defined by visible enclosure but that a few symbolic elements, like the display of window frames and doorframes, suffice. The issue of the features, the treatment and the boundaries of this terminological contradiction was opened to discussion in the view from the solid banks of this unusual appropriation, and in particular by a visit to this 'house'. The dialogue between guests and the hosts was a composite part for the neighbourhood, but was not intended to be just for their own benefit: postcards were provided for sending greetings to 'real' neighbours, so that visitors could establish a link between a temporary artistic intervention and people's normal everyday lives.
(Juliane Feldhoffer)
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