clemens und konstantin luser, design of the public square in gießhübl<br /><br />

clemens und konstantin luser


design of the public square in gießhübl

The competition to design the public square in Giesshübel, which was won by the brothers Clemens and Constantin Luser, was held five years ago.
Much has changed since then: Constantin Luser has attracted the enthusiasm of a broad art public with his 'talking' drawings, and his brother Clemens has completed his first buildings with his architecture office Hope of Glory, founded in 2004.
In the meantime Giesshübl has missed the opportunity for a well functioning square with atmosphere and charm while also standing at the outset of two interesting careers.
The Lusers' concept envisaged a topographical intervention in the square that convincingly divided it into areas with different qualities. A precise analysis of the existing situation resulted in the proposal of a very simple looking spatial solution that improved the possibilities to use the square merely by intervening around the edges — with what the Lusers referred to as the 'white ridge' and the 'white valley'. The measures allowed equally for rapid traversing of the square as well as for lingering and meeting people comfortably.
In addition, individual areas were adorned with 'details' such as the shade-giving birch copse with birdhouses or a commemorative intervention in the form of a light installation in place of the memorial to fallen soldiers, to charge the new square with atmospheric qualities, too.
Although the project was not realised, unfortunately, it has nevertheless had a significant impact, and provoked heated discussion in the community.
(Marie-Therese Harnoncourt)
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