werner kaligofsky, erlauf remembers  (2)<br />
werner kaligofsky, erlauf remembers  (2)<br />
werner kaligofsky, erlauf remembers  (2)<br />
werner kaligofsky, erlauf remembers  (2)<br />

werner kaligofsky


erlauf remembers  (2)

The 1200 inhabitants of the Erlauf in the district of Melk owe the knowledge of the village's participation in world history to an émigré who had to flee to the USA in 1938 because of racism. Almost unnoticed by the local residents, this was the site of the historic handshake between an American general and a Soviet general when Nazi Germany capitulated
on 8 May 1945.
The exhibition 'Erlauf erinnert sich ... (2) – Monumente, Gegenmonumente und Nation' (Erlauf Remembers... 2 – Monuments, counter-monuments and Nation) related to the two existing monuments (by Jenny Holzer and by Oleg Komov), the town itself, the Second World War and the Holocaust.

Werner Kaligofsky had streets in Erlauf temporarily renamed as memorials. His project is the result of oral research carried out in situ on the subject of the Holocaust and Resistance, as well as looking through old files. The project is about collective remembering again: Neudorferstrasse was renamed 'Familie Brod Strasse' and Molkereistrasse was renamed 'Familie Weiner Strasse'. In doing this Kaligofsky was commemorating the Jewish families from the community which were wiped out. In the course of his research in the Austrian Resistance document centre Kaligofsky also ran into a significant former resident in the anti-fascist resistance: the work of a communist mayor of Erlauf, Josef Munk, is on record. His name is a symbol for reflecting on the role of the resistance in Erlauf. Until the end of the exhibition the central square, Marktplatz, was renamed 'Josef-Munk-Platz'.

The project is documented in the art archive of the museum ERLAUF ERINNERT .
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