michael blank, sculpture in the town of traiskirchen

michael blank


sculpture in the town of traiskirchen

"There are things in there that thematize the place. Objects that offer their spatial realization" (Michael Blank): The large sculpture in Traiskirchen resembles the spatial realization of what the artist described for his graphic works and otherwise lets happen on paper or in small objects. Michael Blank uses this sculpture, which resembles a barricade presenting its own tectonic construction, to mark a monumental end to a group of works that revolve around basic sculptural concerns such as statics (suspension), materials, weight, space, etc. without straining expressions of pathos. Here, generally speaking, the artist shows a certain reserve in the artistic design in favor of the material using the connection of materials to pose the question as to a lawfulness or function. The renunciation of function which Peter Zawrel postulated for other works ("In recent years Michael Blank has begun to use real, yet heterogeneous materials to create such objects that block any understanding of a sculpture that functions tectonically in the traditional sense or otherwise functioning object – furniture! – in an artistic sense…. " Peter Zawrel) only holds true here to a certain extent. The artist is exploring precisely that functional dimension to be found in the task of intervening in the situation in which it is placed but also in the structure of the construction itself.
(Susanne Neuburger)
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