richard künz, second round <br />of art in public space in the community of etsdorf-haitzendorf
richard künz, second round <br />of art in public space in the community of etsdorf-haitzendorf

richard künz


second round
of art in public space in the community of etsdorf-haitzendorf

The artists Mona Hahn, Ruth Kaaserer, Richard Künz, David Moises, Werner Reiterer and Almut Rink were invited to take part in a temporary art project in Etsdorf-Haitzendorf. Their work was to be on view throughout the area one whole summer. Already the previous year a similar project had taken place in the same place. Here it became very clear that public art in the province is more fraught with problems and frictions than in the city. That art has ist place today mainly in the urban setting should not mean that it is completely out of place in the country. The wide range of activities that have been promoted for about ten years in the province of Lower Austria, and in particular in the small towns and even smaller communities, show that the opposite is true. All the same, there remains the opposition of town vs. countryside for art and the artists. One of the main reasons is related to the 'other', namely the public, and this is a purely numerical one. While contemporary art is a monority issue here and there, seen in absolute figures the group of persons interested in it, in Vienna, Linz or Graz, is still a considerable size comapared to the group of art aficionados that might be based in a small community.

"Kunstgarten" (Art-Garden)
A group of purchased art/kitsch figures made of plastic, as found at various building suppliers' store as garden decoration, reflect the approaches to life, attitudes, in brief the way of life that is connected to the purchase and domestic display of such objects.
Kunstgarten – a garden for art or art for the garden? What for – as the thing itself, as the essential, as beautification, as ornamentation? Kunstgarten – as an expression of one's own notion of art, as the expression of a cultural awareness, a grand way of reading, as an act of despair or a blunder? Kunstgarten – a prototype, mental stimulation, added precision.
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