bernhard tragut, signpost at kulturhaus winkelau in loosdorf

bernhard tragut


signpost at kulturhaus winkelau in loosdorf

On the way up it seems to have grown hot. Diverse pieces of clothing hang down, remain behind as if worn out or cheekily and sulkily stretch – like a poodle cap – their Norwegian patterns in the direction of the sky. Sie ist oben (She’s Up There) is the title which Bernhard Tragut has given this sculpture. 'She' has climbed up onto her plinth, which at the same time is also her frame, her vantage point and her foundations. The plinth is also the path that she has come up by, relating her story in fragments and hints. Yet isn’t it also the pieces of her clothing which line the steep path? Did anyone get lost along the way? The story is not told in a linear fashion, it zigzags like a hare, like an arrow which does not point to where 'She' stands. In order to reach the highest point 'She' had to make a jump – and now? What is the saint of the pillar doing now, she who doesn’t bless, who seems to have no interest in eternity but has evidently petrified in the act of turning towards a point at which she is staring over her shoulder. If one reads her ascent to that point, at which she would probably do better not to move further, like a Jacob’s Ladder, then one could understand the three holy sport relics pictographically attached to the perpendicular plinth and its stream of water as being assigned to the elements. Water, Earth, Air and – someone in a bra who is sweating.
(Eva Sturm)
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