wolf l. haidinger, new community hall courtyard<br />
wolf l. haidinger, new community hall courtyard<br />

wolf l. haidinger


new community hall courtyard

The design of the courtyard on the grounds of the new community hall in Purkersdorf was created from a geomantic perspective. An existing energy point near the old municipal offices that is integrated in the ethereal force-field of the surroundings served as the place to exhibit the piece. The sculpture, positioned according to these criteria, forms a complete installation in conjunction with the space in the yard. The latter is also rendered visually expressive by the courtyard paving. The arrangement of the sculpture channels an ethereal current into the centre of the courtyard. Material: Waldviertel marble, raw boulders, supplemented with Hungarian marble, cut and polished. Height 210cm, width 90cm, depth 60cm. Geomancy (the word is falsely derived from mantikos/mantis) is the ancient study of the earth's forces, which are spread around the whole planet and manifested in an incredible network of high-energy points, between which ethereal forces flow. This system of forces effects the human psyche and so can be influenced by people's psychic energy, which is particularly strong during artistic activity.

Architect: Franz Pfeil
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