gilbert bretterbauer, chapel in a regional home for the elderly in weitra<br />

gilbert bretterbauer


chapel in a regional home for the elderly in weitra

The design of the chapel consists of pieces that have been woven together. Behind the altar there is an altar tapestry, into which a Bible passage from 'The Book of Revelations' has been woven. The symbol of the cross is recognisable in the reversal of the black-and-white application. On the opposite wall, in the axis of the church and this cross, is a further, eight-metre-long tapestry, also in black-and-white, displaying a form likewise rotated on its central axis, representing on the one hand as the symmetry of Christ crucified and on the other hand the living element which is inherent in him and in the translation of the moving processual structure. The four pillars in the space are woven in the three basic colours (representing the Trinity, as well as the spectrum of the design potential of colour, but also black as my personal contribution and the basic element).
(Gilbert Bretterbauer)

Architect: Erich Sadilek
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