gerald jaksch, fountain complex at krumbach secondary school
gerald jaksch, fountain complex at krumbach secondary school

gerald jaksch


fountain complex at krumbach secondary school

Via seven rhythmic shells arranged like stairs (as a holy number, seven stands for the steps of transformation to wholeness), it becomes possible to experience the free emergence of the rhythmically pulsing movement of life – a symbol for renewal. The shell form (microcosm), which was developed from energy work with water, makes the water that flows through resonate with the rhythmic system of the cosmos (macrocosm), producing an octagonal, alternating swirling movement. This movement propagates itself in pulses from one half of a shell to the other, with newly-arising courses of water/life originating rhythmically from each one. A relationship to the pulsing of one’s own heart and deep insights into a post-mechanical understanding of time and movement become possible, while via the water the ‘free life energy’ has a positive effect on human beings and their environment. The tripartite fountain sculpture is constructed with a brick and concrete covering made of local white quartz; the ecological parts of the complex provide a space for holding and experiencing practical biology classes.

Architect: Rainer Lalics
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