Highly regarded art projects have been completed in the public space of Lower Austria for over 20 years. What began as a classical 'percent for art' regulation was transformed into an interesting model for public art thanks to the Lower Austrian law for the promotion of culture passed in 1996. The general development of public art can be pursued on the basis of the over 400 sculptures, installations and interventions completed in recent decades: changes in the handling of monuments, the emergence of temporary projects, but also the broad spectrum of types of commission and arenas for art in an outdoor context. Documentation of the completed permanent and temporary works as well as of the unrealised projects is permanently available online at #www.publicart.at. Much of this documentation is supplemented by video and audio footage.
Information on the individual projects continues to be available in the Public Art books published to date as well as in numerous folders and films, which we would be happy to provide you with, stocks permitting.

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