Situated on the interface between art and society mediaton already takes place in advance for the people in whose habitat the art projects are taking place, via informative evenings in the communities, organised together with artists and/or curators.

In addition to the documentary volumes on the realized projects that appear every two years, special publications and folders, available in the communities, via cooperation partners as well as in the cultural office of the Province of Lower Austria, appear to introduce particular interventions in detail. As an example there are two special cycling folders describing tours to various artworks in public space of Krems, Mistelbach, Loosdorf and environs.

Since 2005 there is a cooperation with the art mediators Bärbl and Johanna Zechner, who provide guided bus tours throughout Lower Austria. These Landpartien (outings) to public art give a continuous survey of the ongoing production within this artistic field. On the Raumfahrten (space travels) you have the chance to delve into temporary projects or specific topics intensely.

Landpartien 2012
Landpartien/Raumfahrten 2011
Raumfahrten 2010
Landpartien 2010
Landpartien 2009
Landpartien 2008
Landpartien 2007
be my guest 2007

For those interested, special tours can be organized.
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